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Indoor Air Quality Investigations

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TSIP-Trak detector

Air quality problems can often be difficult to pinpoint? You can be doing everything by the book concerning air temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels and still have an air-quality problem. In most cases, when confronted with persistent and difficult-to-diagnose, air-quality mysteries, the culprit is Ultra Fine Particles (UFP).

UFPs are defined as those particles with a diameter of less than 0.1 micrometres. Such particles make up the vast majority of particles found but only account for a fraction of the present mass.

UFPs are usually the by-products of combustion or chemical reactions, such as:

  • Laser printers
  • Cleaning agents and chemical storage
  • Kitchen usage and smoking areas
  • Boiler and furnace leaks
  • HVAC duct and filter leaks
  • Grinding, welding, soldering, and powder handling
  • Vehicle emissions and outdoor air pollutants sources

Due to their small size, UFPs often travel along unexpected pathways to areas that may be far from their source.

SAXOCON can help you find the emitting source(s) and to control or even remove them.

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