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Surface Characterisation

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Surfaces are everywhere, and we constantly come into contact with them. To live in this world means touching surfaces, so we rarely give it any thought. But, the things we manufacture, the things we wear on or have implanted in our bodies that we come into contact with, must be safe.

Any product marketed in the EU that comes into direct contact with skin, blood or organs; or has indirect contact via packaging or conducting air or fluids that interact with people must be CE Certified. Depending on the duration and type of body contact a product has, it must undergo a defined physicochemical, morphological, and topographical (PMT) analysis.

Correctly conducting a PMT analysis requires care and skill and is a critical step in ensuring product safety. Once completed, you will be better prepared to make well-informed decisions about your product and its readiness for the market.

SAXOCON has the expertise to help you get your products compliant and certified for sale in the EU.

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