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SAXOCON is a consulting company specialising in helping businesses test, document, and certify that their products are in compliance with regulations and guidelines both in the EU and worldwide. We have specialists in toxicology, materials science, and supply chain management who understand the science, technology, and the intricacies of the regulatory process and bodies. We not only understand the regulatory process, we contribute to the development of the ISO 10993 series.

Our toxicologists have a deep understanding of QSAR and read-across based evaluation methods. So, whether you are a raw material manufacturer, a pharmaceutical producer or a medical device manufacturer we can help you to better understand the risks involved with your products and help you get them to market in a safe and timely manner.


SAXOCON was founded in October 2013 when entrepreneur Martin Friis-Mikkelsen and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) joined forces.

In early 2013 the QSAR team from DTU Food was looking for the right entrepreneur to bring their cutting-edge technology to market. Their exceptional ability to analyse and interpret QSAR data had been used for several years by public authorities across Europe. When Martin and the QSAR team agreed to create SAXOCON they brought the benefits of this expertise to the commercial market.

Since 2013 SAXOCON has grown and expanded its portfolio of toxicological testing and risk assessment to the medical device, raw materials, pharmaceutical products, food ingredient, chemical, and biocide industries.

DTU Co-ownership

SAXOCON is co-owned by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). This partnership gives SAXOCON’s toxicologists access to their outstanding research facilities at the National Food Institute. This arrangement secures reliability in delivery, continuous product development, and access to the latest research. It also secures private industry access to knowledge previously only available to research institutions and the public sector.

Mission & Vision

SAXOCON aims to help industry create safe, reliable products for their customers through state-of-the-art toxicological risk assessment and deep, up-to-date regulatory knowledge.

SAXOCON looks to be the standard bearer and set the agenda for the future of toxicological risk assessment, as well as use and develop cutting-edge tools and knowledge in the toxicological consulting industry.


We believe that to be the best and most reliable toxicology partner for our clients rests on a foundation of honesty. Our customers need to be able to trust our advice intrinsically. We must be absolutely credible in order to guide them through the testing and assessments necessary to have their products certified. It is only through uncompromising integrity and honesty that we can become a preferred partner for our customers.

 From initial contact through to when the final analysis is submitted, we strive to ensure an open dialogue between us and our clients. Thus, tightly aligning expectations between us and our clients allowing for the delivery of a high-quality product that meets their needs.

As a workplace SAXOCON’s values are:

  • Honesty – everything we do is done with integrity;
  • Teamwork – we are strongest when we work together as a team;
  • Respect – having understanding and empathy for each other and for our differences;
  • Openness – All questions are welcome and received with an open mind;

Professionalism – we are professional, passionate, and take pride in our work.


Bredevej 2D
2830 Virum

Phone: +45 40 11 20 27


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