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Safe Healthcare Products

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Robust materials selection is key to meeting regulatory requirements and avoiding time-to-market delays for Healthcare Products. Each operator in the supply chain for manufacturing or selling materials used in food and healthcare applications is responsible for demonstrating compliance with all applicable rules for any materials intended for use in medical devices, personal care products, and the packaging and manufacturing equipment for pharmaceutical and food packaging.

SAXOCON provides you with all you need to ensure a successful and cost-effective road map to document compliance with regulatory requirements, including:

  • A toxicological hazard assessment of all chemical constituents of your materials
  • A readiness assessment for relevant food and healthcare applications
  • Conducting and reporting studies using animal-free approaches to test cosmetic ingredients, including the use of computer models such as QSAR and read-across methodologies
  • An intelligent test strategy for the generation of further physical characteristics and chemical analysis of extractable compounds
  • A Declaration of Compliance with relevant regulatory requirements

Why choose us?

SAXOCON services for suppliers of materials for food and healthcare products give you access to:

  • A multidisciplinary team of highly skilled toxicologists, material scientists, and supply chain professionals
  • Extensive experience with state-of-the-art safety evaluations according to international standards and regional regulatory guidelines
  • Best-in-class experience with using computational toxicology, including QSAR modelling, rule-based SAR, and read-across methods
  • Safety evaluations based on proprietary information obtained from our worldwide network of materials suppliers
  • Smart, cost-effective test strategies for supporting your customers with the highest degree of readiness


SAXOCON compiles all necessary documentation to set up a Declaration of Compliance with relevant regulatory requirements for your food and healthcare applications.