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SAXOCON Impactor

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The SAXOCON impactor is a miniaturized cascade impactor specially designed to collect airborne material for single particle analysis using an electron microscope. The impactor’s small size and the corresponding low-volume airflows allow for versatile operation, both in conjunction with other instruments or as a standalone device. The split design of the single stages allows for easy adaptation to different environments and applications, ranging from engine exhaust measurements to cleanroom and leak checking.

The analysis procedures in the electron microscope produce the number size distribution, form and shape factors, morphology, and agglomeration state together with the elemental and chemical information on a single particle basis. Our sensitive detection methods have a high spatial resolution, producing increased throughput that allows for quantifying the composition of an aerosol on a sound statistical basis.

We designed our classification scheme to assess the toxicological risk and biological safety of aerosolized particles that potentially may be inhaled. Classification is based on the derived parameters and can be adjusted to any environment as necessary.

The advantages are obvious: small instrument size, ease of use, high efficiency, interchangeable substrates, and a size range of particle collection suitable for single particle analysis in an electron microscope.

SAXOCON provides a simple, fast solution. Our work includes:

  • assessing the situation on-site
  • conducting the required measurements
  • analysis of the samples and data
  • compiling a report
  • toxicological risk assessment (optional)

Why choose us?

We apply research-based methods and make them accessible to industry, helping to improve workplace health and safety. SAXOCON documents all measurements and compiles all necessary results in a technical report, according to and controlled by our Quality Management System. Our standard procedures follow GLP guidelines.

SAXOCON’s method is designed to assess the risk in a workplace. Our in-house toxicologists (ERT) determine the particle properties and aspects relevant in the context of a thorough risk assessment. If the particles found are a risk to health and safety, our experts can help design a mitigation strategy and put it into practice.

By partnering with SAXOCON you can offer knowledge and expertise that is beyond measurement. Our team bridges the gap between cutting-edge theoretical knowledge and commercial demands.

With SAXOCON as your partner, you choose the solution, not the problem.

Contact us to learn how we can help you.