3D Print Safety

Do you have a 3D printer in the office or your manufacturing area?

Particles produced during 3D printing pose a health risk. In fact, they are almost as harmful as exhaust produced by Diesel motors. Ensuring good air quality at your workplace requires knowing what is in the air you are breathing.

Are you in doubt if this is a problem or not? SAXOCON provides a fast and easy solution. We can measure the air you are breathing and assess the situation in your workspace. Our work includes:

  • one on-site visit
  • conducting the required measurements
  • analysing the samples and data
  • compiling a report

This process requires little of your time, and you typically get an answer within a working week.

Why choose us?

SAXOCON analytical services give you access to:

SAXOCON provides you with a certificate that verifies the safety of your workplace. We also design a mitigation strategy and help you put it into practice if the particles found around you are a risk to your health and safety. With SAXOCON as your partner, you choose the solution, not the problem.


SAXOCON documents all measurements and compiles all necessary results in a technical report, according to and controlled by our Quality Management System.

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