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Secure Worker Health and Safety

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Do you know what aerosol particles your workers are exposed to in your working environment? Which of these aerosolized particles is a concern for the health of your workers? The crucial parameters for assessing the risks posed by the aerosol particles present in the environment are determining their chemical composition, morphology or shape, aspect ratio, and mixing state. Usually, long-term comprehensive studies are required to assess the potential exposure and toxicological risks inherent in processes that involve handling powder or generate dust.

Our novel tool, the SAXOCON Impactor, quickly collects aerosol particles from the air in your workplace directly onto electron microscopy grids. We analyse your particle samples for toxicologically relevant physical and chemical parameters using our scientifically established and reproducible imaging routine for automated Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

SAXOCON provides you with a full-service package comprising:

  • Measurement and statistical analysis of particulate matter in indoor air, exhaust gas, environmental and work environment settings
  • QMS controlled documentation and presentation of results
  • A toxicological risk assessment of the collected particles
  • Root-cause analysis and guidance on mitigating exposure risk

Why choose us?

SAXOCON analytical services give you access to:

  • Our novel full-service solution delivers unique insights in a timely manner
  • Particle level statistical analysis of your air samples
  • High-level toxicological experience in evaluating and characterising airborne particles


SAXOCON compiles all necessary results and toxicological documentation in a signed report.