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In Silico and the FDA

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The FDA modernization act to end animal testing has now passed the US Senate. This change nullifies the old mandate requiring animal testing of all new drugs, thereby increasing the acceptance and use of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) and read-across (RAX) methods for toxicity testing. In-silico methods reduce the need for animal testing, which not only benefits the animals, but these methods are also more accurate in estimating the toxicity of products/ingredients to humans.

SAXOCON welcomes this focus on enhancing animal well-being while maintaining high standards for determining the safety of chemical compounds. These new methods are the future of toxicological risk assessment, a future we have been at the forefront of for over eight years.

At SAXOCON, we have extensive experience with in-silico toxicity testing and can help you ensure your products are safe and compliant on either side of the Atlantic.

Future-proof your development processes with our cutting-edge modelling and let our experts guide you to the best strategy for using New Approach Methodologies (NAMs).

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